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This project is inactive

    Please note: further development of unrarlib has been stopped. The current version is stable but supports only old RAR2 archives.
    If you need to read RAR3 archives, please use the WinRAR or the original unrar source code. Java developers may have a look at Erik Larssons work.

    Christian Scheurer, 2007-10-23

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    21.11.2006 Visit the unrarlib page at sf.net or browse the source code in the SVN repository.
    20.11.2005 unrarlib celebrates 700'000 downloads from download.com!
    19.10.2004 Thread-safety added by Thomas Lussnig and the ClamAV Team. The local copy is here.
    08.09.2004 The MPlayer Team sent an improved version of unrarlib.c. The local copy is here, else get the latest .c and .h from the CVS.
    17.11.2002 The source code of Andreas Borchert's console unrar utility is now available for download here.
    11.09.2002 unrarlib.org moved to a new server
    17.06.2002 We got some questions about the dual license. See the FAQ for details.
    16.06.2002 Release of unrarlib 0.4.0 featuring improved samples, minor fixes and a new dual license (GPL and unrarlib-license). Download the latest unrarlib here.


    UniquE RAR File Library - Copyright (C) 2000-2002 by Christian Scheurer, Unix port by Johannes Winkelmann