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Licensing philosophy

The UniquE RAR File Library is a free library for free software. We don't want other peoples take profits with our work. We also won't urge people to distribute the source code of their application. This is why the UniquE RAR File Library is available under two different licenses at your choice:


UniquE RAR File Library License

Choose this license if you want to make free demos, intros, games and utilities without giving the source code away.

Get the license here: http://www.unrarlib.org/unrarlib-license.txt


GNU Public License (GPL)

Choose this license for to use UniquE RAR File Library under GPL licensed programs. It is allowed to link the library against GPLed code and to re-distribute the source under GPL compatible terms.

Get the license here: http://www.unrarlib.org/gpl.txt


UniquE RAR File Library - Copyright (C) 2000-2002 by Christian Scheurer, Unix port by Johannes Winkelmann